Light Bearing Sidewinder Concealment Holster
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This is our flagship, our standard and first designed concealment holster to be worn on the outside of your waistband (OWB).
Our design has the outsides of the holster bending inwards, to follow the curvature of your hip to ensure as much concealment as possible for a OWB holster.
This also allows your belt to pas through the belt loops easily while putting the holster on and sits comfortably while wearing it.


-This holster comes with Injection molded belt loops, please select your desired size

--Our holsters are made of Kydex (made in: USA).
Kydex is a thermoplastic, when we heat this up to the right temperature, we can mold it around your pistol of choice. When it cools, it will keep it's new shape, making it fit like a glove around your weapon.
When Kydex is cool, it's hard, which ensures the holster will keep it's shape without the weapon inside. Which will ensure you can re-holster your weapon just as easy as taking it out either in or outside your waistband.

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09 Oct 2020
Ik gebruik dit holster met een Glock 19 met een tlr 2. Zit super en wapenretentie is ook zeer goed. Heel mooi afgewerkt. Ook holsteren gaat zeer vlot.