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    Unique designs
    Everything is designed and produced in house
    Holsters are developed in collaboration with Dutch SF
    OWB Holster

    The sidewinder is the first (OWB)holster we ever designed and together with Dutch Special forces we’ve perfected the design.
    The holster features a design that contours with your hip, instead of a holster sitting on your hip.

    Bends in on your hip contours
    Due to the sides of the holster being angled towards the body.
    This provides optimal comfort and concealment when worn under a jacket, button-shirt or even a t-shirt.
    which allows for a personalized retention on the firearm in the holster.
    Leave it low and have quick and easy access.
    Or put it a little tighter and feel more secure while moving around quickly.
    Or screw it down and make sure you feel comfortable during a run and slide.
    Whatever works for you.
    This holster is produced out of two 1,5mm Kydex sheets
    which are riveted together making it lightweight, strong and somewhat flexible on the sides of the holster.
    Other design features:

    • Sight channel is high enough to allow for suppressor-sights.
    • Extra barrel space to accommodate an extended or threaded barrel.
    • Cut-line to provide clearance for RMR/SRO/ARCO/etc.
    • Multiple eyelets to mount the belt-loops to. This also gives the option to change the ride-hight and/or lilt of the holster on your hip.

      Sidewinder belt loop, Tilt options
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    MICHAELGeplaatst op 22/12/2023

    This is my holster i use now, very good for my work. Ist better then my work holster. I have this now for 2 years and no problems

    NvHGeplaatst op 12/11/2021

    Good quality, perfect fit and retention ( G17 gen5 )!