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    Unique designs
    Everything is designed and produced in house
    Holsters are developed in collaboration with Dutch SF
    IWB holster

    The Phantom holster is the first (IWB)holster we ever designed in request of Dutch Counter Terrorism units.
    The holster features a design with multiple mounting solutions so it’s optimal for carrying in a lot of different configurations.

    The 6-hole pattern
    allows the holster to be carried in a way that the firearm can be gripped with a permanent firing-grip on the frame.
    Or it can be worn deeper, with the frame being deeper towards the belt-line.
    Also the pattern allows the mounting of the belt-clips to be tilted forwards or backwards.
    So if you prefer your holster to be carried on a 4 o’clock position, this allowed for an optimized carrier and draw comfort.
    Comes equipped with a “Concealment wing”
    This creates pressure on the inside of your belt-line,
    resulting in a rotation of the holster towards your body, and hereby the pistol grip is printing less trough your garment.
    Which allows for a personalized retention on the firearm in the holster.
    Leave it low and have quick and easy access.
    Or put it a little tighter and feel more secure while moving around quickly.
    Or screw it down and make sure you feel comfortable during a run and slide.
    Whatever works for you.
    This holster is produced out of one single 2mm Kydex sheet
    which is folded over, making it overall more durable but still lightweight and comfortable to wear.
    Other design features:

    • Sight channel is high enough to allow for suppressor-sights.
    • Extra barrel space to accommodate an extended or threaded barrel.
    • Cut-line to provide clearance for RMR/SRO/ARCO/etc.


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    Thomas MGeplaatst op 22/12/2023

    The Phantom is a brilliant concealment holster. The thin two-piece kydex precision Milled form factor really keeps the printing to a minimum while still giving you a feeling of durability and comfort.

    I ordered it with the wide belt loop, which really helps with securing it in place but also giving me options to mount it where I please. I can easily switch between Appendix or IWB hip carry depending on my attire or diet that day.

    I use mine with a Glock 17 with an Optic and it's very comfortable, again with printing at a minimum. I can imagine a compact pistol would simply disappear on your person.

    Great holster, especially if you are looking for something in regards to duty use as this is slightly more "beefy" than other fancy conceal carry holsters. I like the added durability in its design and build, which to me translate to consistency and confidence in the holster especially when you use it every day.

    sonnyGeplaatst op 16/04/2021

    holster na 1 week al ontvangen, ben aangenaam verrast van de kwaliteit van het holster. past geweldig voor mij G19. zeer tevreden, hier ga ik nog bestellen.